Course Packs

Copy Corner has published Course Packs for classes at Texas A&M University since 1988.  The printed Course Pack is, and has always been, a great teaching tool for professors. In addition to the traditional printed Course Pack, we now offer the option of Course Packs in e-reader format. 


For Professors

If you are a professor wishing to upload materials, please use the link at the top of this page. Select Main Store and Course Packs.

We now offer the option of an e-reader format for your Course Pack.  We can provide your course material printed or in e-reader format with our new E-Course Pack service. There is absolutely no additional work involved for you and provides your student with one more choice. Just let us know if you would like to try the E-Course Pack service.

Questions? Contact Vicki Ward at (979) 694-2679 or by email at

For Students

Printed Course Packs

Printed Course Packs are available for purchase at these locations below.  For availability, please contact these retailers:

Barnes & Noble at Texas A&M University  in the MSC 979-845-8681

textbook solutions 107 Walton Dr 979-693-3709

E-Course Packs can be accessed on web-enabled devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and stored in the cloud, retaining all notations and highlights that the student has made.  As not all classes will be available as an E-Course Pack, you may check availability by clicking the link below

E Course Packs

E-Course Packs are a cloud-based option and are not available for every class.  You can check the availability of an E-Course Pack for your class and purchase through the link below.

Purchase E Course Pack Here