Print Smart


We Print Responsibly

When you print with us, you can be assured that your work will be printed responsibly and efficiently, maximizing the positive impact that we have on our environment.

Here are some of the many green measures we take when serving you:

Xerox Ink Toner

We exclusively use Xerox Dry Ink Toner, a non-toxic recyclable product, on all of our equipment, providing you a safe and eco-friendly project.

Recycled Paper

All of our paper is made from Sustainable Forest Products so that we can serve your printing needs with confidence and responsibility.

Wind Energy

A portion of our electricity is provided by wind, helping us conserve more energy while operating our facilities and equipment throughout the week.

Energy Star Rated Equipment

All of our equipment is Energy Star Rated, maximizing our energy conservation while we are running your prints.

Waste prevention

We make sure that all of what we use is properly disposed of, and we have recycling bins conveniently located around our buildings for our customers.

Print on Demand

Our state of the art technology and efficiency eliminates the need to print and store large volumes of material that goes unused. This saves you space and money and helps us conserve energy and resources.

Print Grows Trees

For more facts on how print companies like ours benefits the environment, check out