Printing & Production

Printing and production


Copy Corner offers three different binding options; ask one of our team members about what would work best for you! We can also rebind a book if it is in reasonable condition. We offer:

  • Coil Binding
  • Spiral Binding
  • Tape Binding
  • Vinyl or Cardstock Cover Options


Scoring helps create a clean crease when folding documents on heavy paper stock, while perforating allows portions of the paper to be cleanly torn off. Perforating is great for tickets, receipts, or forms.

Cutting & trimming

Copy Corner can make short work of your cutting needs! We can cut as small as 2×2 inches. Unfortunately, we do not have die-cutting capabilities.

Do you have documents or posters that you need trimmed? We are able to trim up to 88″ wide. 


We are able to 1, 2, or 3-hole drill pages in a few different sizes, in your desired location.




Copy Corner can handle your laminating needs up to 53” wide.


Want to make custom notepads for yourself or your company? Copy Corner offers padding services for any quantity and just about any size.


We are able to fold in a few variations, including bi-fold, tri-fold, and Z-folding at most sizes. We can even produce folding cards!


Need booklets, magazines, or event programs? We can print, fold, and saddle-staple for you!

NCR (Non-Carbon Copy Paper)

Copy Corner offers 2, 3, and 4-part NCR (non-carbon copy paper) to satisfy your form duplication needs! Not only can we print order forms, contracts, invoices, receipts, and more, we can also combine them into a book or pad for easy use!

Finished size refers to the exact size of your end product. For example, an invitation is typically 5×7.  For normal printing, we can accommodate all American Standard sizes, and we can cut to any custom rectangular measurement ranging from 2×2 to 13×19 inches. We do not offer cutting for curved designs.

Color printing is $0.55 and up per sheet, while black/white printing is $0.10 and up per sheet. 

Starting an order is as easy as selecting the “place order” button, uploading your file, and filling out the submission form!

We usually ask customers to send their files to us as PDF’s. However, we can also process png, jpg, and tiff. For an upload containing many files, we usually ask for you to share them via google drive.

Most standard orders are completed within 1-3 business days, although the exact turnaround time may vary depending on queue levels and the complexity or size of an order. Small quick-print orders can be run while you wait in-store, enabling you to have it completed in about 10-20 minutes. Feel free to contact us for specific timeline questions!

Our pricing can vary due to quantity price breaks. For a quote or estimate, give us a call or email!

We are not currently accepting any extensive design work jobs. We can, however, do minimal design tasks like placing your existing logo and lettering. 

A bleed is the setup that enables “color-to-edge” or “ink-to-edge” printing. Functionally, it is a 1/8th inch extension of the background design past the edges of the cut size of the document. This extension acts as a buffer when cutting to ensure a clean finish on your final product. A white border file has no ink or color touching the edge of the design. For more detailed information about bleeds and how to set them up, please feel free to contact us!

Our business cards are run in sets of 60, 120, 260, 500, or 1000. Pricing for business cards is determined by if they are single or double-sided, and if they are color or black and white. Contact us for a detailed quote!

We offer clear transparent, matte transparent, black, maroon, green, and navy blue vinyl covers. 

We do not offer gold foil or raised lettering on our products. However, we do offer metallic gold, metallic silver, clear gloss overlay, and white ink printing for an additional charge.

Absolutely! We are able to scan your documents and send them to you via email. The largest we can scan on the glass flatbed of our standard printer is 11.7×17. For larger sizes, we must use our roll-through engineering scanner, which can accommodate up to 36 inches wide.

Yes! Please ensure that the stock you bring is labeled for use on laser printers. Ink-jet-only stock (like transfer paper) is not compatible with our printers, and cannot be used. If you are uncertain about a stock, feel free to contact us for assistance, or swing by the store and a staff member can inspect the item before printing!

We do offer Yard Signs, but we must sell a minimum of a 48×96 board for each order. This breaks down into eight to ten 18x24s (depending on orientation) , four 24x36s, or two 36x48s. These signs are produced by a partner vendor and shipped to us, as we do not have corrugated board printing capacity on-site.

We also source high-quality vinyl banners intended for outdoor use through our partner company. This service usually takes 2-3 days.

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About us

Copy Corner opened in November 1988, when three Texas A&M students decided that the students, faculty, and staff needed a better solution for their copying and printing needs. We now employ close to 30 people and have a satellite location at the MSC on campus.

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